Individual Therapy

Coline Covington specializes in working with individuals who are facing a turning point in their lives, who are re-assessing their careers, their relationships, going through life changes such as divorce, bereavement or job loss, or who want to establish more fulfilling relationships.

Some people may come with specific problems and goals that can be worked through in brief psychotherapy whereas others may need more time to explore patterns of relationships that may be distressing or destructive. The problems people want help with include:

  • depression

  • abusive relationships

  • persistent difficulties with work

  • anxiety

  • loss of direction

  • feeling isolated

  • being overwhelmed with feelings of anger

  • poor self-esteem

Psychotherapy benefits people in different ways. Some of these benefits are immediately apparent and some may take longer to realise. The aim of psychotherapy is to help strengthen a person's ability to think for him or herself through understanding the feelings and internal conflicts that can get in the way of being able to think.

While therapy in itself cannot fix problems, the insight it provides can help people think about their problems differently and this can in turn help them to manage these problems more creatively and constructively.

Couples Therapy

Most couples have conflicts at different times in their relationships. Often couples may be able to work these out together but when conflicts recur and they are not worked out, they may have a long-term damaging effect.

This is when couples therapy is helpful.

Divorce Therapy

Coline also works with individuals going through the process of divorce.

Divorce therapy can make all the difference in easing the pain and difficulties that are part and parcel of divorce. It can help to:

  • defuse and work through conflicts;

  • give insight into what went wrong in the marriage;

  • contain the anxieties and stresses caused by divorce so that it is possible to manage these better both personally and in relation to children and other family members;

  • allow a space for mourning;

  • identify and understand destructive patterns within relationships so that these are not repeated in the future

  • Coline's experience enables her to help clients identify key emotional problems so that they can resolve conflicts more easily and on a more long-lasting basis. This is of considerable benefit to mediation and divorce proceedings.

It can also free divorce lawyers, who are often by default used by clients as stand-in therapists, to do their work more effectively. In cases where clients do not want therapeutic help, lawyers can consult Coline on how to manage difficult emotional situations that frequently occur in the course of divorce proceedings.