“Man can alter his life by altering his thinking.” William James

Coline Covington has worked as a psychotherapist for over 20 years in London with individuals who want to change their lives. She trained as a Jungian analyst and has developed her own eclectic approach to working with people that is both in-depth and pragmatic. She offers a range of services to individual clients that cover assessments, brief consultations (2-3 sessions), short-term psychotherapy and intensive analysis. Her clients come from a variety of backgrounds including senior executives, politicians, artists, writers, film-makers, and people working in the health professions.

Born in the U.S., Coline came to England after receiving her BA from Princeton University. She went on to do graduate work at Cambridge University and at LSE where she received a doctorate in sociology. She worked for many years as a consultant to local authority agencies throughout the UK and with the Metropolitan Police in setting up programmes for young offenders. As a result of this work, Coline also has considerable experience of consultancy work with businesses and organizations in the process of change.

Coline is former Chair of the British Psychoanalytic Council. She is a Training Analyst and Supervisor of the Society of Analytical Psychology and the British Psychotherapy Foundation. She is also former Editor of the Journal of Analytical Psychology.